Elkon Consulting Limited

A Nigerian professional firm providing a comprehensive multidisciplinary Consultancy in Engineering.

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Elkon Consulting Limited, following a re-branding exercise, which culminated in its change of name. The Company was established as a wholly indigenous Multidisciplinary Engineering Consultancy, in January 1975.

The firm has over the years increased in her scope of services, capacity and performance in virtually all the engineering sectors of the Nigerian Economy.

The firm has two offices in Nigeria located in Lagos and Abuja with field offices in many parts of the country.


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Elkon Consulting Limited is one of the foremost multidisciplinary engineering consultancy firms in Nigeria, with experience spanning almost four decades. This experience is built over a vast range of development in the traditional engineering disciplines of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Multidisciplinary Engineering Consultancy since January 1975. We build your dreams.

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Elens Eigbokhan

Musah Ogienagbon

We are great and easy to work with using the best multi-disciplinary team in delivering world leading solutions.