Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Elkon Consulting Limited (formerly Elens Konsult Ltd) has been active in the provision of mechanical engineering services for public and private agencies.
The firm has had diverse experiences in the provision of Mechanical Engineering Services for Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Banks, Offices, Factories and Commercial Malls.

Power Generation

Elkon Consulting Limited (formerly Elens Konsult Limited)has been active in the power generation sector with the design/specification of various diesel-powered generating plants. The firm’s specialists are proficient in the designs of fuel oil supply systems, ventilation systems, cooling oil purification and cooling system etc which are important integral parts of diesel power plants. The firm has in the past participated in international bids for the designs of various capacities of combined cycle thermal Power plants for NEPA. In the last decade, Elkon Consulting Ltd (formerly Elens Konsult Ltd) has engineered captive Gas-Fired Power Plants for RTDL, NIMASA, SHEDA and NAPL ranging from 35 – 80MW.

Oil and Gas Services

The exploitation of an oil and gas field requires the evaluation of many development options with the objective of quickly establishing a number of possible solutions; which are further investigated to provide a preferred solution which is economically and technically feasible. The economic evaluation relates to the life of the field to the costs associated with its development and operation.
Elkon Consulting Limited has collaborated with some local oil companies in the preparation of feasibility studies, conceptual designs and basic engineering for the provision of some services in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

The firm has in the past bid for consultancy services related to the supply of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) by the Nigeria Gas Company to the Shell Petroleum Company yard in Warri and to the residential quarters of NNPC also in Warri. For Texaco Overseas Development Company (TOPCON), we prepared detailed engineering designs for the execution of their works yard and warehouses in Warri. The firm receives documents from Shell Petroleum Development Company on a regular basis to bid for one service or the other. On some occasions, Elkon Consulting Limited successfully bid and provided the required services.


Water Distribution Projects

Urban water supply Project – Yola (Water Treatment, Storage and Distribution).
Itakpe Urban and Industrial Water Supply Project. Itakpe/Okene.
Ojirami Water Supply Project Edo State of Nigeria. Igarra/Ibilo.
Ishan North East Water Project (Water Sourcing, Treatment, Storage and rising main development).
Obiaruku, Umutu and Kwale Water Supply Project, Ethiope and Azare Water Supply Project, Katagun Emirate, Bauchi State.
External Water Distribution Engineers.
Survey Regiment Barracks, Abuja.
External Water Distribution Nigerian Navy Training School, Borokiri.
External Water Distribution Heavy Artillery Regiment Barracks Abuja.
External Water Distribution, Lake Chad Basin Dev. Authority, Maiduguri
External Water Distribution, Military Cantonment, Abuja.
Water Supply Scheme for Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria Iyanomo, Bendel State.
Water Supply Scheme for Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria, Akwete (In progress).
Water Supply Scheme for Nigerian Institute of Social Economic Research, Ojoo – Ibadan (Work in progress).

Sewage Collection and Treatment Projects

Sewerage Collection/Treatment for Lake Chad Research Institute Maiduguri
Sewerage collection/Treatment for the Bendel State Government: Governor’s Lodge and VIP Guest Houses, Benin City.
Sewerage Collection/Treatment for Central Military Cantonment, Abuja.
Sewerage Collection/Treatment for Army Engineers Regiment Barracks – Abuja
Sewerage Collection/Treatment for Heavy Artillery Regiment Barracks Abuja.
Sewerage Collection/Treatment for National Science & Technology Complex, Sheda, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja
Central Sewerage Collection/Treatment for NISER Ojoo Ibadan
Central Sewerage Collection/Treatment for Centre for Management
Development, Shangisha Village, Lagos.
Sewerage Collection/Treatment for Naval Horicorn Base Rumuolumeni Port-Harcourt